In reference to Picasso’s famous quote, To Remain An Artist seemed a fitting name for what I want to accomplish as an art teacher. I first decided to pursue an art education career after working with an area non-profit, Art With a Heart, and watched kids let their imaginations run free with no fear of what others thought. The younger they were, the more uninhibited they were with their creativity and enthusiasm. The older the student got, it seemed, the more reserved and uncertain they became, more reliant on the approval of their peers and teacher and more afraid to make mistakes and take risks. Most adults I know, unless they are practicing artists or very confident by nature, believe they are not creative, cannot be artistic, and are very concerned with what others will think of them. Why is it that of all the things we love and encourage in our children, we become embarrassed and uncertain of our own ability to be creative and imaginative? I love teaching art because it brings out qualities in people that they didn’t believe they had, and it can inspire so much confidence and creativity in children and adults alike. While I continue to believe that the arts need to be revived in the public school system, I want to make art more accessible and relatable to people outside of that system, people who want to learn art as adults, kids who are homeschooled or who don’t have time to take art as an elective at school, or students who take art at school and just want to do more! Art is not reserved for museums, or high society, or underground movements. Art is everywhere; you and I were created with the ability to create and imagine and enjoy that expression. As Picasso said, the problem is to remain artists as we grow up.


I’m Laura, the art teacher behind To Remain An Artist. I’m an Indianapolis native and live here with my husband and new baby boy. I graduated from Anderson University in 2014 with a degree in Art Education and a certification in Special Education. Since then I have worked as a part-time instructor for Art With a Heart and as a high school Special Education teacher. I also run a small wedding calligraphy shop on Etsy as a fun side hobby. My favorite art forms are calligraphy, illustration, and painting, though I pretty much love it all!