Fall Painting Parties!

If you’ve never participated in a painting party or wine and canvas event, you’re missing out! I love that these have become somewhat of a trend, because I think it’s such an awesome creative activity that anyone can take part in. My favorite thing about these events is that people who believe they don’t have an artistic bone in their bodies pick up a paintbrush and CREATE. Sure, everyone paints the ‘same painting,’ but no two painting ever looks alike and everyone gets to take home something and say ‘I painted that!’ I’ve even seen self-proclaimed non-artists go out and buy canvases and paint and start painting at home after they participate in one of these painting parties. I love that. So maybe this fall, instead of a movie night or bowling night, get your friends together and give painting a try! Here are a few samples of what you could paint:

I also have a little freebie to throw out there if you want to host a party: get five of your friends to join you and your painting will be free! Just a thank you for helping me get my name out there and allowing me to paint with you!